Cancer NanoMedicine and Immunotherapy:
Prospects and Challenges

Day 2, Thursday 8th November 2018

13:30- 16:00 Cancer NanoMedicine and Immunotherapy: Prospects and Challenges
Moderators Dr. Shouki Bazabbashi and Dr. Alhassan H. Aodah
13:30-14:00 “Hyperloaded Poly(2-oxazoline) Micelles as Drug Carriers for Cancer Therapy”
Keynote Speaker: Alexander V. Kabanov, PhD, Dr.Sc., M.A.E., FNAI, FAIMBE;
University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill, USA
14:00-14:20 “Magnetic-guided delivery of nano gene regulators as potent breast cancer therapeutics”
Speaker: Dr. Ali Alhasan, PhD; KACST, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia
14:20-14:50 “Enhancing Checkpoint Inhibitors in Breast Cancer”
Speaker: Prof. Rita Nanda MD, PhD; The University of Chicago, Chicago, IL
14:50-15:10 “Combination of anti-PDL-1 with chemotherapy: Update on durvalumab and paclitaxel trial”
Speaker: Dr. Adhra Al-Sayed, MD; KFSH&RC, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia
15:10-15:30 “PDL-1 as a target for highly tumorigenic breast cancer cells”
Speaker: Dr. Hazem Ghebeh, PhD; KFSH&RC, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia
15:30-15:40 “PD-L1 Expression in Breast Cancer Stem Cells”
Short Talk: Ms. Fatimah Fatimah A. Mansour, MSc, KAIMRC, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia
15:40-16:00 Discussion and Closing Remarks
Announcement of Poster Winners


Alexander Kabanov, Ph.D., Dr.Sc., M.A.E., FNAI, FAIMBE

Lecture Title: "Polymers, Cells and Exosomes to Overcome Barriers to Cancer Treatment"

Dr. Ali Al Hassan, PhD

Lecture Title: "Magnetic-Guided Delivery of Nano Gene Regulators as Potent Breast Cancer Therapeutics"

Prof. Rita Nanda, MD

Lecture Title: "Enhancing Checkpoint Inhibitors in Triple-Negative Breast Cancer"

Dr. Adher Al-Sayed, MD

Lecture Title: "Combination of Anti-PDL-1 with Chemotherapy: Update on Durvalumab and Paclitaxel Trial"

Dr. Hazem Ghebeh, PhD

Lecture Title: "PDL-1 as a Target in Highly Tumorigenic Breast Cancer Cells"